Privacy Notice

Coupang collects and uses the minimum amount of personal information necessary for the Customer to use the service.

Member registration: User ID, password, name, mobile phone number

Coupang > Purchasing Products: Name, mobile number, address, emailCoupang Eats > Ordering Delivery: Address, location information Coupang Play: Nickname

Coupang provides personal information to third parties only within the scope of consent obtained from the Customer.

Coupang > Purchasing Marketplace Products: Name, mobile number, address

However, personal information may also be provided when doing so is required or permitted by special provisions of the law.  In addition, Coupang outsources the product shipping work that involves personal information processing to make our services readily available to you. 

Coupang takes various technical protection measures to prevent loss or leakage of Customers' personal information and destroys personal information immediately in a secure manner once the purpose of use has been achieved.

Coupang strives to protect the personal information of our Customers and has a dedicated privacy team to address privacy-related inquiries.

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