Privacy Notice

Our Privacy Promise

Our Privacy Promise

We are dedicated to delivering an innovative, fast, seamless and safe shopping experience from our online store until your package arrives and beyond. We want the experience to be so exceptional that we create a world in which our Customers ask: “How did I ever live without Coupang?” A personalized online shopping experience should not come at the expense of your right to data privacy, and that is why, at Coupang, the protection of your information is important to us and to how we operate. Our Customers are at the heart of our business and keeping your data safe is the starting point for our innovation – it is core to everything that we do as we look for ways to deliver better service, convenience and value.

It is your personal information, and we will always respect it.

You trust us with your personal information, and we do not sell it on to third parties. We do share limited information with our direct partners so that we can fulfill an order or improve your overall experience, but we will always tell you who they are and what we are sharing. Coupang is a data-driven business. The use of data to improve the Customer experience is a founding principle of Coupang and remains so today.

Innovation: personalizing your experience while keeping your data safe

Your data allows us to innovate and offer a personal, fast, and safe shopping experience. This includes tailoring recommendations to your individual needs and preferences so that Coupang delivers your parcels when, where and how you want them.

Our understanding of data and a strong commitment to security and privacy are central to how we develop new and exciting services like Coupang Eats and Coupang Play. Built from scratch, CouPay is a simple to use, yet highly secure payment platform that, through sophisticated encryption and data analytics, allows for One-Touch Payment which is as safe as it is user-friendly and fast.

Combining the power of technology with world-leading experts to keep you protected

The importance of providing secure and trusted services is deeply embedded within the culture of Coupang.

We have world-leading systems and technology to keep your information safe and secure. Coupang monitors these systems around the clock, upgrading processes to adapt to changing cyber threats as they emerge. This is supported by continued and significant investment into security and privacy to make sure our standards are aligned with, and where possible exceed global best practice. Coupang trains our staff in how to handle data. We aim to empower and encourage our people to challenge existing practices and believe it is the shared responsibility of every employee at Coupang to remain vigilant and committed to data security.

We are also committed to working closely with governments and regulators to help shape the future of our industry.

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